Indications Of New Physics In European Organisation (CERN)

Indications of New Physics in European Organisation (CERN)

Indications of New Physics in European Organisation (CERN)

Science Coaching India explore the NEWS pertain to physics indications of new physics in CERN. The LHCb experiment in European organisation for nuclear research (CERN) has shown a feeble but persistent sign of physics that contradicts a basic assumption of the Standard Model of particle physics, indicating that this theory which has ruled the roost may not be complete in itself. Experts feel that this is a very big discovery. At the subatomic level, there are two types of processes that have been compared by the physicists at LHCb. One is the decay of what is called a B meson into an excited K meson and a pair of muons (muon-plus and muon-minus). The other is where the B meson decays into K meson giving an electron-positron pair. According to the standard model, since the muons and electrons are identical except for their masses, the rates of these two reactions should be the same. However, the carefully done experiment finds the rates are quite different. The researchers have taken care to factor out all the experimental error possibilities.


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